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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New giveaways posted today... 6/24/08 Very, very late tonight

*** New June and July giveaways posted! *** (See 3rd paragraph)

Wednesday morning is almost here, just 20 minutes away, as I sit and write this. I've updated giveaways for June and July. You'll also notice a new feature at Up For Grabs. I've added Smart Links by Adaptive Blue. Here at Up For Grabs Smart Links will be providing information about the books being given away. It's just another way for you, the reader, to have more information at your fingertips when deciding if a particular book appeals to your reading tastes. Smart Links are the tiny blue boxes you'll see next to the books titles. They have been added to books listed in giveaways posted 6/24/08 and later. Also, instead of new giveaways being added at the bottom of the monthly post I've moved new giveaways to the start of the post. I keep trying new things. Please let me know what works and what doesn't. If you come across something in your blog travels that you think would enhance Up For Grabs please let me know so that I can check it out. I'm not very "techy" but if I can figure out how to do it or get help somewhere I'm willing to give most anything a try.

My apologizes to everyone. There were no new giveaways to post yesterday (6/23) and my mom arrived in town last night so I was away from my beloved laptop. I do have 3 or 4 new giveaways to post and will do so once work quiets down, most likely after 9pm MST (Boise, ID). I don't want the boss catching me at my labor of love which, of course, is not my paying job. LOL

You can check out our current giveaways for June here and July here

Please take part in our polls while visiting Up For Grabs. They are listed under the June '08 Hosts. I'm also thinking about closing the current polls and opening a couple of new ones so be on the lookout for those.

** Just so you all have a heads up I'm thinking about migrating Up For Grabs to my personal blog. If I can find a way to highlight it and have it standout from my other work there then I might do so. In the long run it might be easier to have everything in one place. So I'll be working out the logistics and will keep everyone updated as to what is happening. I thank everyone for your support of Up For Grabs **


Tina said...

Hi: I have just posted the name of the winner of my LOVEHAMPTON book contest.

Stay tuned, I will be having another great book giveaway very shortly. Thanks.

Carol said...

Couldn't find an email link, so am posting here - sorry.

Book give-away your readers might enjoy:

Anonymous said...

Hi Marcia,
How do I let you know I have a new giveaway? I'm hoping this comment does the trick!

Phyllis Zimbler Miller, author of Mrs. Lieutenant, is giving away a copy of the novel on my blog

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