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Friday, July 11, 2008

So Maybe I'm Rethinking My Decision ... Smiles All Around

7/12 late PM
So I've been reading blogs and looking for giveaways and I believe Up For Grabs is up to date. Better go check out July and August. I didn't include links here but they're only a post or down from this one.

7/12 early evening
So many of you have written in the last 2 days that I'm starting to seriously rethink my decision to "abandon" Up For Grabs. It really did, and still continues to feel, like I'm reinventing the wheel but maybe this is one wheel that needs to be reinvented. I'll admit I'm torn and continually waffle back and forth. The email in support of Up For Grabs has been more than I expected.

So ... with that said ... I'm back for now. I make a promise, to you, to give it until I leave for my winter vacation at the end of November. At least until then giveaways and contests will be posted here.

Now I've made the job ever harder for myself ~ why would I do anything the easy way ~ I'll figure out how to get the word out there again.

I know I've missed some giveaways over the last couple days but I'll try to catch up!!

Take care,


Tina said...

Yeah!!! I am glad that you are back. I, for one, visited your site at least 3 times a day - it was the one place to get all the info all at once. One stop shopping - I DO KNOW however how difficult it can be to track all these contests and update the blog continually.

I am thrilled that you have decided to extend it for a bit.

Welcome back :)

Josette said...

Hi! Good to know that you've decided to continue Up For Grabs! Wishing you all the best in discovering as many giveaways as possible and then posting 'em up! :D

Kathleen said...

Yay :)

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