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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

It's Official ... Up For Grabs is moving!!

The response to the new site in the last 24 hours has been very, very positive and so Up For Grabs will be moving to WP. The official move date is 9/1/08.

New site link: Up For Grabs

Until then I will post August giveaways at both sites and September giveaways only at the WP site.

I know it's a pain to update links, blog rolls and readers and for this I apologize but the move is a good thing. Because I'm using pages at WP and not standard blog posts you will have to subscribe to the Comments feed for each giveaway page to receive updates. It's the only solution I could come up with. If you're experienced WP user and have a better idea please let me know though I'm not inclined to move from pages to posts.


Ann said...

It may not be a better idea, but it's an alternate idea:

Put each of the contests in a comment, rather than the page content. For example have "Contests are listed in the comments fields for this month, subscribe to see updates" or something in the page and then post the contests in the comments.

Why? Because the comments show up in the RSS reader, whereas the page content does not. That way people don't have to come back and check each time they see a "page updated" message in the comments field (which, if you're scattered, like me, you forget to do and then you're not sure what's new).

Just a thought. Thanks for taking the time to run this blog at all, it's a huge help! :-)

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