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Monday, August 4, 2008

It's Your Turn to Let Me Know...

I need you all to weigh in and help me make a decision. This site exists because you all support it so your thoughts and opinions matter to me. No Up For Grabs isn't disappearing I'm staying right here kind of. I'm committed to this site just not my web host. And that's where you all come in. My frustration level with Blogger is growing daily after having moved my personal book blog, The Printed Page, and starting a book club and ARC blog over at WordPress. It may be that Blogger is experiencing some growing pains right now and that I don't need. I've been using Blogger in Draft and the old Blogger and neither fit where I'm at with this site.

Wordpress has one feature that would, I feel, would enhance Up For Grabs and definitely make managing the site easier. The big draw to WP for this site is the Pages feature. Each month would have it's own page for giveaway listings. Instead of a blog post you would select the appropriate monthly page. Posting comments is much easier and more efficient. I don't think that pages have RSS feeds so you wouldn't be able to get updates that way which is a drawback but one I can't do much about if Up For Grabs relocates.

New site link is Up For Grabs (this is the wordpress link)

If all goes as planned there may be a new home for Up For Grabs soon.

Please leave your comments, suggestions, concerns and opinions either here or over at the new site.

Take care,


Ann said...

Well, I use wordpress so I'm biased. :-)

I think there is another feature of WP that would make administering Up for Grabs less time-consuming for you: You can authorize other users to submit posts (or pages). This gives you the option of spreading the load with other bloggers that you trust to maintain the site (you can limit privileges so that they don't admin rights and such).

Or, because the spam protection is so much better on Wordpress, you could start a post for a given month and let others submit comments with their contests which would free you up to do other things. It is possible to have comment feeds on WP installations, just not sure if WP.com has it.

You might want to play with feedburner.com to see if it will let you burn a feed for a page--haven't poked around feedburner too much to see what is possible.

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